About us

Stoomgroep (Steam Group) Radingspoor is a Model Engineering Society  primarily focussed on the construction and operation of steam powered model locomotives, tractors and other steam machines. However our members also operate battery  and combustion engine powered models.

“Spoor” is the Dutch word for “Track” or “Rails” and “Rading” takes its name from the village of “Hollandsche Rading”.  Our club headquarters, plus tracks are located on the outskirts of this village.  

Our Society was founded in 1977 – and our members come from all over the Netherlands.  Meetings and social gatherings are held every first Sunday of the month, at our location, among the pine trees in a densely forested area, in a typical Dutch convivial (‘gezellige’) atmosphere.

We have three tracks at Radingspoor – all according to internationally standards:

  • A ground level track for 7 ¼ inch gauge with a length of approx. 450 meters
  • A raised track with the combined widths of 5 inch plus 3 ½ inch gauge of approx. 400 meters length
  • And a concrete table for ‘gauge 1’ models, for the scale of 1:32 and 1:22.5

Two turntables  for the larger gauges, two bridges, a station area with several manually operated  points, plus an attractive large club house in the form of an old railway station means that members and their families can really enjoy themselves, playing trains, or enjoying a cup of coffee or a drink from the verandah overlooking the tracks. 

Should you be interested in becoming a member, please contact us at info@radingspoor.nl

The village of Hollandsche Rading is located about halfway between Utrecht and Hilversum. Depending on where you come from, turn into the ‘Vuursche Dreef’, crossing the railway line and continue until you come to a fork in the road and turn right, into the ‘Karnemelkse weg’, following the winding road.  Where this road ends (at a disused restaurant building on your left) turn right again. Continue straight on past some houses and a complex of white buildings. Caution! after leaving the bitumen, the road becomes rather rough – so drive slowly! At the end you should see our miniature railway tracks.  

Alternatively, if you come by train, get off at Hollandsche Rading station and walk under the viaduct via a forested area, along the ‘Vuursche Dreef’, following the road until you come to the fork in the road (just beyond the farmhouse) and continue as above.  It should normally take about 25/30 minutes to reach us, at a brisk walking pace.